Revision Skincare® Formulation Philosophy

Revision Skincare® Formulation Philosophy

Revision Skincare® use an array of industry-first technologies, generating clinically-validated results and accomplishing superior efficacy while nurturing long-term skin health using Five Formulation Principles:

MULTIPLE PATHWAYS | Utilise A Comprehensive Approach.

A pathway is a single door to the skin that can be activated to address the visible signs of ageing. To obtain results efficiently we strategically formulate skincare solutions inspired by the many pathways that exist in the layers of the skin, to provide a comprehensive approach to deliver lasting results.

PEPTIDES  | Pioneered the use of Peptides for their powerful results and tolerability.

Today our line consists of the most comprehensive package of Peptides available in the marketplace. Some of our products contain up to 8 different Peptides. The use of 8 Peptides allows for many different components of healthy skin to be addressed and ensures efficacy and superior results.

SKIN NEUTRAL pH | We believe the right pH is the one you are born with.

Unlike other skincare companies, the majority of our retail products contain a skin neutral pH, one that mimics your own skin’s pH levels—supporting long-term skin health.

MICROBIOME TECHNOLOGY | The 6th layer of the Epidermis.

We formulate our products to harness the Microbiome which balances and promotes skin health via Prebiotic Technology. By continually innovating new ways to harness the Microbiome, we address the visible signs of ageing and promote long-term skin health.

SYNERGISTIC USAGE | Masterfully Formulated.

All Revision Skincare products are formulated to be used synergistically for complete compatibility. Our skincare protocols were designed with this compatibility in mind thus making them easy to use at home with the guarantee to deliver the performance expected.